Book review: Natboff! One Million Years of Stupidity by Andy Stanton.

Hinatboff readers! Another book review by me. Today I am reviewing Natboff! One Million Years Of Stupidity, written by the amazingly brilliant Andy Stanton, author of the Mr Gum books. It is illustrated by the incredibly brilliant David Tazzyman. I recommend it for 7 years and over.

Natboff is a collection of stories set in the town of Lamonic Bibber, where the Mr Gum books take place. They’re all set in different time periods. You can read about Natboff the caveman in the caveman days, Old King Thunderbelly in 561 AD, and Strange Mildred the witch in the 1600s. Read what happens when Lamonic Bibber is faced with plague, and the mysterious tale of the Victorian inventor Cribbins and his friend, Doctor Wempers. There is also a never before seen manuscript, a play by the lesser-known playwright Terry Shakespeare, brother of William Shakespeare. The play is a comedy called ‘Tis Rubbish Being a Squirrel, and is better than anything of William Shakespeare’s –  I assure you I’m right! (Or am I? Maybe not. There was that time with the clown and the peanuts – never mind. Read it and see for yourself). There’s also a section called Bibbering Through the Ages, highlighting the great men and women who shaped Lamonic Bibber into what it is now.

Funny beyond your wildest dreams, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever read. Andy Stanton has a track record of hilarious humour, and this is no exception! My favourite character is Doctor Twigs from The Witchfinder General. If you like bags and rice and a bag stuffed with rice, you’ll love him.

I like to think that writers have their own writing DNA, a style that’s unique to them. But you can only master writing if you make a book that is so downright amazing you forget it’s a book. The worlds of reality  and fiction become…merged. Andy Stanton’s Natboff has achieved that level. It is perfect. It is everything that you could wish for. In summary… it is absolutely magnificent.

That is my review. If you have any suggestions for books I should review, let me know in the comments, and I will try to read and review all of them!



Book review: Alex Sparrow and the Furry Fury by Jennifer Killick

51Z7Pg2CAELHello! Another book review by me. I am reviewing the newly out book Alex Sparrow and the Furry Fury by Jennifer Killick, sequel to Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink. I recommend it for 8 years and over.

Let me give you a brief summary of Alex Sparrow: he is a ten-year old boy with a difference: he has superpowers. No, not super strength, or laser eyes. His right ear farts when someone lies.  At first, he struggles to cope with it, but in the end he utilizes it.  In Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink he teams up with Jess Lawler, who can communicate with animals, and saves their school. He then decides to work with Jess on any future missions.

Alex is a character you really get to know. He doesn’t like to settle down, preferring to be constantly on his toes, and is a big fan of Marvel and Star Wars (the book references Episode III: Revenge of the Sith). He enjoys pranks and jokes, particularly winding up Jess! However, Alex grows wiser throughout the events of Furry Fury, and even forms a bond with a hedgehog.

In Furry Fury, Alex and Jess volunteer at the local animal sanctuary, but discover that the animals are acting strangely, as is Rex, the bullied new boy at their school who runs the sanctuary along with his mother. There are also news reports of strange animal activity around town. The police have no suspects.

In the end, Alex and Jess discover who’s behind all of it, so prepare for a thrilling climax.

In total, Furry Fury is a very good book, and I strongly advise you to read it. It is humourous, down-to-earth, and will snag you from page one. Jennifer Killick’s book provides a nice sequel to Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink.

That is my review. If you have any suggestions for books for me to review, let me know in the comments, although be prepared to wait a while as I have committed to rather a lot of reviews!



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