I am Jordi Blake and I am eleven years old.  All the stories and poems and reviews on this site are my own work. I dictate the stories and my mum types them up, but I type the reviews myself.  My mum is Natalie Grice, a journalist, who has had four books published. My dad is Jon Blake, a well-known children’s writer, who has had over 60 books published.

I won a wolf and a monkey in a raffle at a school barbecue when I was very little. I called them Doggy and Monkey and started making up stories about them (all my Doggy stories are in the “Old Stories” section of the website, if anyone is interested). I won a national poetry competition at the age of six (it is also on this website, in the “Poems” section).  After that I began writing lots more poems and stories,  and before too long I was helping my dad with his stories (my dad uses my best ideas).

I am currently writing my first novel, Champions United, all about the world’s worst football team, which I expect to exceed 20,000 words.

I am a voracious reader, able to read at high speed and take everything in. I can recall passages from books I read years ago, word for word. That’s why I’ve decided to start reviewing books!

One more interesting fact about me is that I have cerebral palsy, which affects my legs. But I don’t let it bother me – it certainly doesn’t affect my writing!


Jordi Blake.


  1. Hi Jordi I like your poems and my mum did too make sure to
    make more in the future.

    Love Sam
    p.s maybe you could make it rhyme a bit more.

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