Old Stories

All about Doggy

doggy 2Name: Doggy
Type of animal: Wolf
Unusual things about him: He can fly
Home: M6 Jungle
Favourite ship: Doggy One
Most favourite friend: Monkey
Other friend: Jordi – likes Doggy and sometimes likes to go on an adventure with him.
Code number for his house: 0794585
Favourite food: Wolf biscuits, ants and flies
Doggy One Code: 456555
Likes to do most: Fly
Favourite thing to do sometimes: Climb up trees and collect mangoes.
Another favourite thing: Likes to go on wolf computer and play games about Monkey and Jordi and him.


Doggy and the Lost Boy

One day, Doggy was just looking at Sky Sports when he heard something from outside his window.

“Sounds like somebody’s lost,” said Doggy. So he went down his ladder and walked around the M6 jungle. He couldn’t see anything except for a few trees. Then, suddenly something caught his eye. Somebody was sitting down, looking around and wondering if this was his home.

“Hello,” said Doggy. “Who are you?”

“I’m Leo,” said Leo.

“Oh,” said Doggy. “How did you get here then?”

“Well, the wind picked me up,” said Leo. “When I was walking with my parents, wind blew me up and over the moterways M4 to M6 until I landed in this jungle. And what is this called?”

“M6 jungle,” said Doggy. “That’s my house over there. Yellow.”

So he took Leo home and asked him some questions. “Hmm,” said Leo. “I know what my parents are called. Galacticus and Clifticus. And that was all.”

So Doggy called Jordi, and Jordi said, “Mmm, mmm. Very interesting problem,” the five-year-old remarked. “According to the latest search, I see that Leo’s house is quite far away.”

“Then I’ll take him in Doggy One,” said Doggy.

Doggy flew as far as he could to Leo’s house. When he got there, his parents were waiting for him.

“Oh Leo,” said Galacticus.

“We’ve been searching for you everywhere,” said Clifticus. “Thank you so much.”

“Goodbye Leo,” said Doggy when it was time to go.

“Goodbye Doggy,” said Leo. “Maybe you can come back another time and play with my friends.”

“Sure,” said Doggy.

So Doggy went home, and looked at the story of Southampton versus Wigan and hoped that Leo would be safe and live happily ever after.



One day Doggy looked out of his window and noticed strange things over his jungle, which was half land and sat right next to the M6.

I see an alien hunter, said Doggy. I need to phone my police force.

Somebody had given Doggy a police force as a present. It was wrapped in some paper.

Doggy rang 079 8585.

Hello, how can I help you Mr Doggy today, said the police.

Well, said Doggy. I’ve seen alien hunters and they’re trying to find aliens that do not exist.

Monkey came round and asked What’s going on?

Well, said Doggy. I need your help and Jordi’s help. All of you and my police force need to find some alien hunters who are trying to find aliens that do not exist.

So Doggy got into Doggy One and drove along the M6 to his police station. Then Doggy, who was sometimes very impatient, knocked thirty times on the door until all of the police force came out.

What are you doing up at six o’clock in the morning, asked the police force. It’s too early!

I got up at six in the morning, answered Doggy, because that’s the best time to see you. It’s a good time to get the alien hunters anyway, he added impatiently. They’re in Dinosaur Land back at the M6 jungle. It’s a dark place with a cave.

So Doggy and Jordi and Monkey and all the police force got their equipment and went up the windy windy junction to Dinosaur Land.

There they are! Shouted Jordi, pointing straight at the alien hunters in front of them.

Jordi ran forward and squelched them down to the ground.

Well done, Jordi, said Doggy. You saved the day!

The police force agreed to take the alien hunters to gaol. When they got there they said, you are nasty alien hunters breaking into Doggy’s jungle!

Doggy and Jordi and the police force lived happily ever after.


The End.


Or is it?


It is.


One day Jordi was thinking of rockets. Mm, said Jordi. I would actually like to discover a planet. A planet in space.

A new vehicle was delivered to Jordi’s house. It was called Jordi One. Doggy had built it then flown it all the way from his little round hut in his little green jungle to Jordi’s house, and left it there. He just thought Jordi would like to visit him.

Jordi did decide to visit Doggy, because he knew Doggy had never been to space, even in Doggy One.

But Jordi didn’t know what to press to start it. There was no key, no keyhole, no button – but there was something. A lever. Jordi pulled it. Jordi One took off, high into the sky, very fast.

So that’s what it does, said Jordi. It turns on the turbo! There was lots of fire coming out of the back, because there were rocket boosters. It had lots of electricity in it and wires and guns and gadgets – only to destroy alien vehicles, because aliens had built vehicles out of gooey stuff.

Jordi flew to the M6 jungle, quickly picked up Doggy, and blasted into space. They broke through Venus, smashed through Mars, crashed into Jupiter and squeezed all the milk out of the Milky Way so they could have it on their cornflakes. Then they boosted into Neptune and made a big hole in it and finally they went home.

What d’you think of that, Doggy? Said Jordi.

I think, said Doggy, the best bit was crashing into Jupiter.

Oh dear! Jordi suddenly said.

What? Said Doggy.

We forgot to discover a planet! Said Jordi.

So Jordi pulled a lever and Jordi One boosted back into space. When they got there they saw that all the planets were bashed and crashed and smashed. The only one that wasn’t smashed up was Earth!

Oh, we can discover something in Earth! Said Jordi. Let’s go to Africa.

But then Jordi changed his mind. Let’s go to Warwick and stay in a hotel for three nights. What do you think Doggy?

Let’s do it, said Doggy. Because it’s nice to stay in a hotel in Warwick and it will stop us from getting hot and lazy.

When they got in they went up in their lift to their bedroom because it was night time, climbed into their beds and fell fast asleep.


Doggy and the Plane

One day Doggy was thinking of planes.

Hmm, said Doggy. I would like to actually go to Germany and see what it’s like.

So Doggy called on his friend Jordi (that’s me) who lived down a street in Cardiff. Doggy got into Doggy One and flew all the way from his little round hut in his little green jungle to Jordi’s house. When he got there he pulled the knocker and then went in without waiting for an answer. He went up to Jordi’s room and found him reading Paddington.

Hello, Jordi, said Doggy.

Hello, Doggy, said Jordi.

I would much like to go on a plane to Germany, you know, said Doggy.

Jordi said Alright, let’s go to Heathrow Airport and we’ll get a plane there. But why aren’t we going in Doggy One?

Because, said Doggy, I’ve never been in a plane before, and anyway, Doggy One hasn’t got a code for going to Germany. Doggy One always has codes for every place it wants to go.

So Jordi said Alright.

Doggy got into Doggy One and flew off to Heathrow airport. He flew over motorways and seas until he landed with a loud BUMP. Then he met Jordi and his mum and dad and grandma.

Jordi said, Let’s find the gate now. It’s gate number 2.

They got into the plane. The plane went along the runway on its wheels and ZOOMED into the sky. It flew a long way very fast.

Woohoo! Said Doggy. I like this plane!

They finally landed in Munich and walked along the tower a few moments and finally came out in Germany where a special sign was marked JORDI AND DOGGY’S HOTEL.

First they went up in the lift to their bedroom where a special sign was marked JORDI AND DOGGY’s BEDROOM.

Then they went out of the hotel which had automatic doors marked AUTOMATIC DOORS and went to the lake.

Look, a boat! Said Jordi. I wonder where it will take us?

They went onto the boat which had a sign saying TRIP AROUND THE LAKE.

The boat went round the lake and finally came to a jungle, which had a sign saying DOGGY’s JUNGLE.

That’s odd, said Jordi. I thought that Doggy’s jungle was in the UK. How can it be here?

Because, said Doggy, workmen came out and took the jungle away to Germany and stacked it up on the other side of the lake and left it there. They thought it was a travelling jungle.

But something new was in the jungle. It was Jordi and Doggy’s police station.

That’s really odd, said Jordi.

Well, the workmen must have built it in my jungle, said Doggy.

Suddenly Jordi saw someone breaking the law. We must go in, he said.
They rushed in and saw a green alien throwing gooey nets over everything.

Wo, said Jordi. He rushed home, got into Jordi One, zoomed into the air, rushed back to Germany and shot at the green alien. It was a net he shot. Then he rushed to jail with the alien in the net and put him in one of the cages.

The End.

Or is it?

It is!


Doggy and the US Open

Chapter One

Doggy was going away. Nobody knew why. Nobody knew where he was going.

Doggy was going to the US to play the US Open final. But first he picked up Jordi and they went to the forest. They picked up Kanga and Tigger then went off to the US.
We’re here! Said Jordi.

It wasn’t long till the game started. Jordi served an ace.
Fifteen love! Said a squeaky voice.

It’s Piglet! Cried Jordi eagerly.

Yes yes! Said Piglet.

Jordi served again but Kanga hit it back. It went on for a long time till Doggy hit it to Tigger and Tigger missed.

Thirty love! Said Piglet.

Jordi served again but Tigger hit it back. Then Doggy hit it back. Then Kanga hit it back. Then Jordi hit it back and Kanga missed.

Forty love! Said Piglet.

Jordi served again and it was another ace. Game to Jordi and Doggy! Said Piglet.

It was the other side’s turn to serve. Kanga served it, Jordi returned it and Kanga missed.

Love fifteen, said Piglet.

Kanga served again and it was an ace.

Fifteen all, said Piglet.

Kanga served again but Jordi hit it back. Then Doggy, then Tigger, then Doggy missed.

Thirty fifteen, said Piglet.

Kanga served again but Jordi hit it back and Kanga missed.

Thirty all, said Piglet.

Kanga served again, but Jordi hit it, then Tigger hit, then Jordi hit it back and Tigger missed.

Thirty forty, said Piglet.

It was the final serve for the other team. Kanga served but Jordi hit it and Kanga missed.

Game to Jordi and Doggy, said Piglet.

Then it was time for Jordi to serve again. It was an ace.

Fifteen love, said Piglet.

Jordi served another ace.

Thirty love, said Piglet.

Then Jordi served again and it was another ace.

Forty love, said Piglet.

Jordi served again, and it was an acey serve, but Kanga stopped it and hit it back. Jordi hit it back again and Kanga missed.

Game to Jordi and Doggy.

Then it was Kanga’s side to serve again. Kanga served and it was an acey serve but Jordi stopped it and Kanga missed.

Chapter Two

It was coming up good, the match. Jordi and Doggy had won three games, and it was three to go. Kanga served again and it was an ace.

Fifteen all, said Piglet.

Kanga served again and Doggy hit it back, and then Kanga missed.

Fifteen thirty, said Piglet.

Kanga served again and Jordi hit it back and Kanga hit it back. Then Jordi hit it back and Kanga missed.

Fifteen forty, said Piglet.

The mixed doubles match was going on well. Kanga served again. Jordi hit it back, then Kanga missed.

Game to Jordi and Doggy, said Piglet.

Then it was Jordi’s side to serve. Doggy served, and it was an ace.

Fifteen love, said Piglet.

Doggy served again and it was another ace.

Thirty love, said Piglet.

Doggy served again, and Tigger hit it back. Then Tigger bounced over to Doggy’s side and Jordi said Tigger had to bounce back over to his side, and so Tigger did.

Then Tigger hit the ball when Doggy served again. Then Doggy hit it back and Tigger missed.

Forty love, said Piglet.

And then Doggy served again, and it was an ace.
Game to Jordi and Doggy, said Piglet.

It was the final set. Would Jordi’s team do it? Would they beat Kanga and Tigger? Well it wasn’t long until Piglet was getting used to doing these scores and finding them easy to remember. Christopher Robin and Pooh had taught him how to do tennis scores before they went off to the US. It was up to Jordi’s team to win.

Jordi served and it was an ace.

Fifteen love, said Piglet.

Jordi served again. Tigger hit it, Doggy hit it and Tigger missed it.

Thirty love, said Piglet.

Jordi served again. Kanga hit it back. Doggy hit it back until Tigger missed.

Forty love, said Piglet.

It was the final serve. Jordi served it, Kanga hit it, Jordi hit it, Doggy hit it to Tigger and Tigger missed.

Game, set and match to Jordi and Doggy, said Piglet, and the ceremony was on. It went like this. “And the gold medallists, representing GB: Jordi and Doggy.

“And the silver, representing Australia: Kanga.

“And the bronze medallist, representing Australia: Tigger.”

And they all held up their medals.

“Now for the national anthem of GB.”

They all looked at their flags. GB first, Australia second, Australia third. When it finished they all clapped and cheered and said, “Well done, GB”, and they waved their flags. And Jordi and Doggy felt glad that they had won.

That night, they all went home for a mug of cocoa and a cake at Doggy’s house.

I’m glad we won, said Jordi, and showed them a GB lion, just to make sure they had won.




In which Doggy, the only wolf that can fly, enjoys further adventures with Jordi Blake and his friends.


Chapter One – In which we are introduced to the game of baseball
Chapter Two – In which Doggy returns
Chapter Three – In which Doggy flies almost the maximum distance as the M6 jungle motorways
Chapter Four – In which Jordi starts an academy, and everyone learns something
Chapter Five – In which Doggy goes in search of wolf biscuits
Chapter Six – In which Doggy invites Roo round to play and Roo gets lost in the M6 jungle

Chapter One – In which we are introduced to the game of baseball

Doggy was going to play baseball. They had collected enough people for the teams in Doggy One and Jordi One and when they got there, Jordi began to explain the rules.

“Baseball is a game between two teams. It’s a team versus another team. There is somebody called a backstop. Each team bats once. That’s called an innings. They try to score as many points as possible. If you get around all the bases and it goes out of the boundary you get a home run. If you run all around the bases and into the batter’s place, you get a point, and the points come up on the board for the first and second halves and you bat three times.

“Right, the teams are going to be…” he paused for a moment, and then Doggy answered for him.

“The teams are going to be USA vs Canada. USA are going to have Piglet, me, Rabbit and Jordi and Kanga. Then the other team is going to have Christopher Robin, Pooh, Eeyore, Lottie and Roo.”

So the first up to bat was Piglet. He swung the bat and hit the ball. He didn’t know where it had gone, but he was surprised – he had done a home run! So he ran around all through the spaces until he got a point for his team.

“One-nil to USA.”

Next up to bat was Doggy. He swung the bat three times and sent the ball flying over the fielders and managed to score a triple. He ran all the spaces until he got to the batter’s place and scored two-nil for the USA.

Then it was Rabbit’s turn. He swung the bat and a managed to score a single. The next was Jordi. Pooh bowled so fast that the backstop caught it. On the next ball, Jordi sent it flying in the sky and then was surprised that he had got a home run. He ran all the bases until he scored three-nil.

The last in was Kanga. She hit the ball and hit it out of the boundary and ran all round the bases and got four-nil.

They had a break and then the umpire said, “Change sides.”

It was Jordi’s turn to bowl. He threw the ball about a fast kilometre which was 167 then Pooh missed it and the backstop caught it.

On the second go, Jordi bowled at 66 miles per hour and on his third go, Jordi threw it at 100mph and Pooh missed.

“Strikeout,” cried Owl.

Then it was Christopher Robin’s turn. Jordi bowled at 120mph and Christopher Robin missed, and then he threw it at 111mph. On his third go, Jordi bowled it at 99mph and then it was a strikeout.

Eeyore said: “I’ll be brave when I bat, and not gloomy if you say so Jordi,” and he hit the ball but was caught by Piglet because the ball had flown into the air and straight down to the fielders, and Piglet was the first to catch it.

The next one was Lottie, but she was actually struck out by Doggy, who was the first to catch it before Jordi.

Roo was quite small but he managed to hit it about one mile per hour, and then it was the whole team.

“Right,” said Owl. Let me see what the scores are. USA four, Canada nil. So USA win.”

“Yeah-hay!” cried Doggy. And the story goes on. By the time that Jordi started an academy and Roo had got lost at the M6 jungle. And there may be Heffalumps somewhere in there, so let’s see.

Chapter Two – In which Doggy returns

Who started it? Nobody knew. First there was the dew, and then the rumour came. Doggy is back. Jordi said he’d heard it from Owl, and Owl said he’d heard it from Rabbit. And Rabbit said he’d heard it from Piglet. And Piglet said he’d heard it from Monkey. And Monkey said he’d heard it from Kanga. And Kanga said that she’d just sort of heard it.

And Monkey said, “Why not ask Winnie-the-Pooh?” And seeing that it was a very encouraging idea to do on a sunny day, off Piglet trotted, arriving in time to find Pooh anxiously talking to Monkey.

“Isn’t it odd?” said Pooh.

“Isn’t what odd?” said Monkey.

Pooh stroked Monkey’s paw. “I wish that Doggy was here. I have to count my pots of honey. A moment ago there were 100, and now there are only 99. Isn’t it odd Monkey?”

“It’s even,” said Monkey. “If that’s 100, it is, and if it’s 99, it’s odd, and if it isn’t, it isn’t. So that what’s the thing is about.”

Monkey was at home in the M6 jungle and invited Piglet in and told him why Doggy had a return.

“I’m not in my own house because Doggy has his return,” said Monkey. “And he asked me to look after his house and why he went away is, he was going on holiday. So that’s why he has a return, Piglet.”

“Oh,” said Piglet, “I thought that Doggy was just going away for one day and then coming back.”
“Well, he was going away until Saturday, and today is Saturday, so he’ll be having a return. That’s why.”

“Then we must hold a meeting,” said Piglet.

Owl drew up the board. It said:

Item One – Minutes of Doggy’s meeting for his return held by Piglet. It will start at 1pm and finish at 3pm. So, get here as quick as you can before 3pm.

Item Two – Present for Doggy.

Item Three – It will be held in the Hundred Acre Wood and Piglet will be staying at Doggy’s house with Monkey and Jordi and Pooh and Roo and Kanga.

It was Owl who called the meeting to order.

“Item one,” he said. “Minutes of Doggy’s meeting for his return held by Piglet. It will start at 1pm and finish at 3pm so get here as quick as you can before 3pm.

“Item Two – Present for Doggy.

“Item Three – It will be held in the Hundred Acre Wood and Piglet will be staying at Doggy’s house with Monkey and Jordi and Pooh and Roo and Kanga.”

And then it was 3pm. “Time for the meeting to finish,” said Owl.

There was only one problem. Owl had forgotten the time that the meeting was finishing when he had drawn up the board.

Anyway Piglet, Jordi, Monkey, Kanga and baby Roo and Pooh went to Doggy’s house for Monkey.

Then Monkey had an idea. “We will have a welcome back party for Doggy.”

So Monkey went home leaving Kanga and baby Roo, Jordi, Piglet and Pooh. Then when he had finished writing a letter for Doggy’s welcome back party, he pushed it under the door of Doggy’s house.

“Look!” said Jordi. He ran to the door and picked up the letter. It was in capital letters and Jordi read it to the others. It said, “SPECIAL INVITATION – WELCOME HOME DOGGY, AND WELCOME TO A PARTY. DAY – TODAY. SIGNED MONKEY.”

“That’s great! Let’s go!” said Jordi. They hopped in Jordi One and went to the quiet place in the M6 jungle which was a river and was best for parties because it was quiet and they could see that the sun was setting. They could not quite smother a squeak of alarm. Not even Piglet. He tried to smother a smother a squeak of alarm, but his nose was blocked and suddenly they could see a ship zooming towards them. It was Doggy One, and inside they could see Doggy.

“Hello,” said Doggy. “I’m back.”

“Hurrah!” cried Jordi. “Just in time for the party.”

When the party was started and when they had eaten everything they could eat, but not quite because at a proper tea party there should always be leftovers for the birds, Doggy made this announcement.

“Now dear friends of the M6 jungle, in Doggy One I have presents for you all because I have missed you so much and I have wrapped them up in Christmas paper because I had some left over from last year and I thought it might be useful for next year.”

These were the presents that Doggy had bought for the animals. For Jordi, an Imaginex bat cave. For Piglet, an Imaginex castle. For Roo, a bottle of sand in a satisfying pattern from the Isle of Wight. For Pooh, an Imaginex ambulance. For Kanga, seven thimbles, one for each day of the week. For Monkey, an Imaginex fire station. And they played happily at their houses. Doggy stayed at Jordi’s house that night and they played with his Imaginex bat cave and lived happily ever after.

Chapter Three – In which Doggy flies almost the maximum distance as the M6 jungle motorways

Doggy had had time trials. He had been against lots of teams. Team Brazil. Team Mexico. Against Team Argentina. USA against Canada and lots of other teams.

One day Doggy was flying. He was surprised that there was a sign. It said MAX 100.

What does that MAX mean? said Doggy. It must mean I have to put MAX on a piece of paper and place it all around the M6 jungle, with it saying WHAT DOES THAT MAX MEAN?

Perhaps I should ask Jordi what this MAX means, thought Doggy. So he flew over the motorway, past the M4 jungle and into Cardiff, in which Jordi lived.

Jordi was very confused about the sign so Doggy took him back to the M6 jungle on his back. Jordi read MAX 100 and said It means that cars have to drive 100 miles per hour as the maximum, and that’s why it says MAX 100.

So Doggy flew the maximum and went back to Doggy’s house with Jordi and lived happily ever after.

And that’s the end of that story.

Chapter Four – In which Jordi starts an academy, and everyone learns something

“Did you miss me when you were at school?” Doggy asked Jordi one December 2012 morning when the M6 jungle’s trees were looking at their best and had grown even taller than before.

“I didn’t miss you all,” said Jordi, and then winked at Doggy. “But I never forget you and Monkey.”

“I agree,” said Doggy. “We could have a school here,” he added, after a long thought.

“We could have a school,” said Jordi, and then added: “And Eeyore could be the headmaster.”

But when they asked Eeyore, he said, “No. Tired. Please let me stay.”

“Ok,” said Jordi, “we’ll take the others.”

When Lottie heard it, she said: “I started an academy, so I’d love to come. And can I be the head teacher?”

“Of course,” said Jordi.

So they collected the other animals, even Monkey, and then they went off to the quiet place. Not all of them fitted in Doggy One and Jordi One, but they certainly fitted in Doggy’s helicopter and Jordi’s helicopter. So they got there, and Lottie went to her place to be the head teacher. Jordi and Doggy were given armbands that said emergency alert and had a cross which meant medical. It said: “Remember, if somebody is hurt or unwell, take them to the medical room. And remember if there is a fire, assemble together and get out of the school.”

“And that was all,” said Monkey, who had taken photography. Piglet filled the register and then asked Jordi to take it down to Lottie. Jordi walked until he came to Lottie and he was so busy admiring his medical band that he dropped the register and then he had to pick it up again, and then Lottie cleared her throat and began.

“Huh-hmm,” she said as she was clearing her throat, and then added: “I am your head teacher. Now have you got school books and pencils?”

“Yes,” said Jordi.

“Then I will write on the school blackboard,” said Lottie, “and goodbye.” And then twice. “Then I will write on the school blackboard,” Lottie repeated.

“Ok,” said Jordi, passing the register to her and going back to class.

Now it was time for assembly. Tigger bounced onto Jordi’s feet, and Jordi went., “Owwwwwww!! Tigger!” in a sort of squeaky voice. But anyway they got into assembly and when they finished that, they had snack, and when they finished that, they had lunch. Then they had a little play, and then it was time to go home.

“Thanks for joining my academy,” said Jordi.

“It was fine,” said Doggy, and he smiled and winked at Jordi.

And that is the end of that story.

Chapter Five – In which Doggy goes in search of wolf biscuits

Doggy had run out of wolf biscuits so he asked Jordi if they could get some, and Jordi said yes. So they decided to go to the shop. But the trouble was, there wasn’t a shop in the M6 jungle.

Doggy said: How are we going to get some wolf biscuits?

Jordi said: From the wolf biscuit bees of course, silly!

So they went to the wolf biscuit bee hive. Jordi said, The good thing is, these bees don’t sting.

Don’t sting? Said Doggy.

Yes, because they don’t have stingers, said Jordi. And the reason they don’t have stingers is because they don’t fly. And the reason they don’t fly is because they drop off any high branch or out of the hive.

So the wolf biscuit bees made some wolf biscuits for Doggy, and Doggy and Jordi said thank-you.
They went back home and had a snack of ordinary biscuits for Jordi and wolf biscuits for Doggy.

And that is the end of that story.

Chapter Six – In which Doggy invites Roo around to play, and Roo gets lost in the M6 jungle

Doggy invited Roo round to play. Roo had a lot of fun time until Doggy said, “Let’s have a break.”
When they had had a break, he was just turning round to say something to Roo when he noticed Roo wasn’t there.

“Oh,” said Doggy. “Looks like I have to get Jordi.”

When Jordi got there, he solved the problem.

“Roo’s lost,” he said, “so you’re going to have to find him Doggy.”

“Oh,” Doggy repeated. And they looked for Roo everywhere.

“We can’t find him,” said Jordi. “Looks like you’re going to have to get Kanga.”

“Kanga, Kanga!” said Doggy. “Roo’s lost.”

“Oh, my little Roo!” said Kanga. “He’s lost. Lost, lost, lost.” And then added: “We could try searching the lower trees in the M6 jungle first.”

Doggy said: “But if he was further away, he would be on the higher trees.”

Jordi said: “That’s ridiculous, Doggy. He’ll be on the lower trees.”

So they hunted the lower trees but Roo was nowhere to be found. They hunted the higher trees, but he wasn’t there either until at last they came to the last one.

“Roo’s got to be on top of here,” said Jordi, and he looked up and said: “Look!” He pointed up. “Roo’s there.”

Roo jumped back into Kanga’s pocket and they went off.

After lunch, baby Roo told them the story. “Well Doggy, you left the door open and the wind picked me up and took me to the last of the higher trees.”

“So that’s what it is,” said Doggy. “I left the door open.”

“So who was the bravest?” added Jordi.

Doggy thought for a moment. “I think it was us,” he said.

So they could hear the ringings and cheers and hurrahs coming from Kanga, and they were all for them, for Doggy and Jordi.

Jordi stayed at Kanga’s house that night and watched Roo have his bath. Then he went back to the M6 jungle and slept at Doggy’s house, and they lived happily ever after.

And that is the real end of the story. I am very tired after that sentence. I think I shall stop there.

About the author

I was brought up in Adamsdown and decided to be a writer when I was about five. I wrote them and printed them on the HP printer and I’ve written lots of stories now. I’ve been adding them to my file, adding them to my website and adding them to Facebook. I hope you like my stories. Signed, Jordi.


Doggy Meets Paddington

One day Doggy decided to sell his house to Monkey, because somebody was moving into Monkey’s house.
“I want to go and meet Paddington,” said Doggy to Jordi when he had flown all the way to Cardiff.
“Ok,” said Jordi.
So they went off to London, to number 32, Windsor Gardens. Doggy tied a label to himself and Jordi, so that everybody knew who they were. When they went inside the house, there was Mr and Mrs Brown, Judy and Jonathan, and, of course, Mrs Bird.
“Hello,” said Mrs Brown. “Are you Doggy?” she asked, after reading the label.
“Yes,” said Doggy.
“And where do you come from?” asked Mrs Bird.
M6 jungle, said Doggy. And I’ve sold my house, so I want to come and live with you forever, he said, bouncing upstairs and hopping into the bedroom.
But when Doggy tried to climb into his bed, Eeyore was there! Pooh and Piglet had taken him on a balloon for a day in Mexico and suddenly it had burst and Eeyore flew into the bed.
“No, don’t get into my bed,” said Eeyore, rushing around. “Aaah!” he said when he saw Paddington.
“It’s ok,” said Paddington. “I’m Paddington Bear.”
Doggy rushed into Paddington’s arms. “Paddington!” He said.
Doggy was given an extra room and was allowed to go in the top bunk.
Ouch! Said Eeyore.
What’s the matter Eeyore? Asked Doggy.
There’s a sharp bit of glass in my bottom, said Eeyore.
I’ll get it out, said Doggy, taking out a pair of tweezers.
He took the glass out of Eeyore’s bottom and Eeyore floated gently up into the air. Pooh and Piglet had got a new balloon.
Good news, Doggy! Said Jordi, when he entered the room a few minutes later. Mrs Bird says I’m allowed to sleep in the top bunk.
Ok, said Doggy.
Bedtime, everyone, said Mrs Bird.
Doggy flew up into his bed.
“Goodnight, Doggy,” said Jordi, and went off to his bed.

Next morning Doggy went downstairs feeling rather sad.
“Why are you sad?” asked Mrs Bird.
“I have to go on a shopping expedition” grumbled Doggy.
So Doggy went and had a shopping expedition, then came back feeling rather sad again.
“Why are you sad?” asked Mrs Brown, this time.
“I’m missing the M6 jungle” said Doggy.
“But you said you would live with us forever!” said Mrs Bird.
“I know” said Doggy, “but I didn’t agree with staying with you. It’s because the M6 jungle is too nice”
So Jordi and Doggy went back to the M6 jungle and that was the best adventure they ever had.

The End.

Or is it?

It is.


The Flight Before Doggy’s Christmas

Doggy was busy writing his homework after his first day at school, when he remembered about his mum and dad.
“When I was young” he thought to himself, “my mum and dad looked after me. But then they had to join the flying forces. But I have got lots of friends to play with.”
Just as Doggy was about to open the door, an envelope came through the letterbox. Doggy took it out and opened it. It said
Doggy was very excited. Now, Doggy thought. While I wait for my mum and dad, perhaps I’ll go and see Monkey and tell him about it.
Doggy opened the door and flew off into the jungle. Keeping eyes straight ahead on Monkey’s house, he finally landed and knocked on Monkey’s door. KNOCK, KNOCK!
There was no reply. So Doggy rang the bell. RING, RING!
This time Monkey did come to the door.
“Why,” he said, “I believe it’s Doggy.”
“Hello Monkey,” said Doggy. “I’ve come to tell you the story of my mum and dad.”
“Ok,” Monkey replied.
“Well,” said Doggy as he sat down with Monkey, “here’s the story. It was a dark winter’s night,” Doggy began, and gave a little cough, and added, “and me and my mum and dad were flying above the sky looking for other wolves to eat when suddenly the flying forces whizzed straight past us. My mum and dad had never seen such a fast sleigh so they decided to join them. I was a bit sad at first, but I soon cheered up. I found out that my life was very much easier being on my own. I was flying above the M4 looking for a home when suddenly I landed straight in the M4 jungle. I found a house that belonged to someone called Grandpa Max. When I was young, he looked after me. I grew bigger and bigger and when I was old enough I built Doggy One and went off further down the M4 to the M6. That’s when I saw the M6 jungle. I lived in a yellow house and I wasn’t to recognise that I was next to the same colour house that belonged to you, Monkey.”
“Me?” said Monkey.
“Yes,” said Doggy, and went on, “that’s when I met you. My life grew easier and easier and today which is December 10th is when I received the letter.”
“Oh,” said Monkey, and then added: “Let’s go and find your mum and dad.”
“If only it were that easy,” said Doggy. “You see, other wolves are heading there. They’re planning to eat the reindeer and Santa. They might eat my mum and dad by mistake.”
“Then we’re going to need a brave volunteer from the forest. No, not just brave, but small.”
“Roo’s too young to fight against wolves and anyway, what about Christopher Robin? He might be out.”
“I know,” said Monkey. “Piglet.”
“Piglet!” said Doggy.
Before he could say anything else, there was a knock on the door.
“I’ll go and get it,” said Monkey, running over to the door. He opened it, and who should have arrived but Piglet and Jordi.
“Hello,” said Jordi.
“Hello,” said Piglet.
“What are you all talking about?” asked Jordi.
“Well,” said Doggy, “my mum and dad have joined the flying forces. It’s hard work for them and they’re coming back to me. We’re trying to work out how to get there. We need you Piglet.”
“Me?” said Piglet.
“Yes,” said Doggy, “for you to fight against the wolves who have come to eat Santa and his reindeer, and they might eat my mum and dad by mistake.”
“I’m not frightened of every scary thing,” said Piglet. “I should love to fight against wolves.”
` “Right,” said Jordi. “I know where Santa is. He’s in his fell. The entrance to it has dangers round every corner and no-one ever made it out alive.”
“Alive?” said Doggy. “I’m 100 years old now. I’m small but I’m 100 years old. So I never die.”
“Me neither,” said Monkey.
“Me neither,” said Piglet.
“Oh,” said Jordi. “The only trouble is what if I die?”
“You won’t die,” said Doggy, “and anyway haven’t you said to someone you’ll never die?”
“I will die when I’m old,” said Jordi. “But it might happen in the entrance.”
“Ok,” said Doggy. “Here’s the plan. We’ll split up and search. We’ll search more quickly if we separate.”
“Ok,” said Jordi. “Doggy, you go on your own to the end and we’ll meet up with you at the end. But keep a sharp lookout for wolves.”
“It’s ok,” said Doggy. “I’ll go haa-woooo when I meet up with them, and it might scare them away. If I did it very loudly and very long like this. HA-WOOOOOOO-OOOOOO-OOOOOOO.”
So off went Piglet, Monkey, Jordi and Doggy. Doggy flew to the entrance of Santa’s fell and there they separated. Suddenly Doggy heard a noise:
It’s the wolves! thought Doggy. Quick! I’d better get ready.
The wolves got closer and closer and suddenly they were standing in front of him.
HA-WOOOOOO-OOOOOO-OOOOOO! went Doggy, and escaped. The wolves ran after him but he was too quick for them. In no time at all he reached a small hole big enough for him to squeeze into.
Jordi, Monkey and Piglet were still a long way behind when suddenly they heard a noise:
Help, help!” said Piglet. “It’s the wolves!”
Oh no, thought Jordi. “Better hide in this hole” he said.
Jordi ran for the hole and he and the others squeezed in. They bumped straight into Doggy.
“Ow!” said Doggy.
When Jordi thought it was safe, they squeezed out of the hole and ran. But the wolves were still behind them! Suddenly Jordi felt a claw on his back.
“Could you run a little faster, Piglet?” he asked.
“Why?” asked Piglet.
“Because they’ve got me!” said Jordi.
“I’ll save you, Jordi!” said Doggy, and growled at the wolves, showing his strong paws. In no time at all he had grabbed Jordi and with a mighty push pushed the wolves away, then flew away with Jordi on his back. He flew as fast he could to the end of the entrance.
They got out of the entrance just in time to see the ground.
“Ooh, look!” said Jordi.
Then went down to the place where reindeers were eating.
“It’s hard to tell which ones are my mum and dad,” said Doggy.
They had to search through. Finally they came to a black and white person.
“It’s my mum and dad!” said Doggy, and had a happy cuddle.
“We’re coming back now,” said mum and dad.
Doggy flew with a totem pole of people on his back through the entrance till finally they reached the M6 jungle.
“Thank you so much for helping me find my mum and dad,” said Doggy.
“It was nothing,” said Jordi, and winked.
And they lived happily ever after.

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