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The Monkey House – my new poem

The Monkey House    Written by Jordi Blake, 25th August 2014

Two doors
Torch friendly
A little barn of blue cloth
With pegs and ropes tying it down
Compact and comfortable in the day
Miserable and freezing in the night

No telly, no Wii
No radio, no PC
The only thing there was to play
Was Monopoly

Zazie got the green pen
From my activity book
She tried to make a stain on my shirt
If I went in a straight line she was sure to catch up
So I went in circles round the tent
I didn’t see the guy ropes!
Ouch! That hurt!
Zazie kept running
I scrambled up
Too late.
One ruined shirt.

You never know what’s round the corner
In the Monkey House.